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About Fernanda:

Fernanda, is a renowned interior designer, founder, store-owner and creator of a unique minimalist decoration style and furnishings for the home. Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina where she succeeded in the design field, she moved to the US and established simplemente blanco where she exhibits and sells her own line of furnishings and designs.

She became a realtor  to combine the interior design expertise with real estate to offer her clients a one-stop shop for their real estate and design needs. Fernanda’s work includes advising and assisting builders, constructors and renovators early on in their projects to provide a high level of style to the finished construction or renovation.

Her work has been featured extensively in some of the most relevant design media outlets in Argentina and the US including Elle Decoration, Boston Magazine, New England Magazine, Boston Globe, House Beautiful, Country Living, Domino Magazine, In Style, and People, among others. She was named one of 25 most stylish Bostonians in 2007.

She also has participated in different types of fundraising events such the Junior League of Boston and other charities in the Boston area.

When she is not working you can find her in her weekend home in the mountains in the Sunapee region, taking long wae lake, swimming, gardening and boating but most of all (and always) cooking and entertaining, making Italian pasta or baking madeleines and French pastries too.


"I have known and worked closely with Fernanda for more than 10 years. We met shortly after I purchased a large townhouse in Charlestown.
She helped me initially with some challenging interior design projects and eventually with a whole-house redesign. We did the kitchen, living room, office, bedrooms, bathrooms –you name it—and created a modern, minimal, open and inviting space.
Today, I enjoy living in one of the nicest properties in Charlestown. I really love my space and, thanks to Fernanda, can truly say it really reflects my own personality and unique style.
Fernanda also helped me in the search for a vacation property to provide an escape from the fast pace of city living
What makes Fernanda unique is that she really “gets it.” She listens closely, helps clients articulate what they want, lays out the alternatives and facilitates the process in a way that honors both the process and the end result.
I recommend Fernanda highly and without reservation. She is a knowledgeable and diligent real estate agent, a results-oriented businessperson, works well with builders and contractors, is a great listener and an amazing designer.
Thank you, Fernanda!"

-Bob M.