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Boston Neighborhood Market Report

market_stats_cover_imageWhether you are buying, selling, or renting, knowing the market is vital to make good real estate decisions. Accurate, micro-local market data is the only way to truly understand the market and where it is going. That means neighborhood level information.

With this report, you'll have the best local information available at your fingertips for each individual Boston neighborhood including Back Bay, Beacon Hill, South End, and more! Our analysts sift through tons of market data from MLS and other sources to develop the clearest picture for our clients. This report includes:

  • Average sale price
  • Typical unit breakdown
  • Price per SF
  • Rental market stats
  • Average days on market
  • and more!

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After months and months of searching with various real estate agents, I found my home with the help of Charlesgate Realty Group. Right when I walked through the doors, I felt like family in a way that Charlesgate Realty just knew what type of home that would best suit me. With all those other real estate agents, I had felt uneasy, not cared for and just another commission. Charlesgate Realty extended themselves to great distances with their friendly personalities, expertise, and knowledge. I was able to quickly find the perfect home. THANK YOU!!

 - Kay C.
Buyer Client, South End