Over 300 Boston Residents Answer What They Want in a Home

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What Do Bostonians Want In Their Housing?

Whether you are a landlord, property manager, or just curious about the Boston market, it is important to understand what people are looking for in their next home - and what features they want to see in it. We connected with over 300 of our past clients and surveyed them about their preferences in both the rental and sale market. This report outlines many interesting findings about the market and answers questions that can help people deliver the best product to the marketplace.

This report answers the following questions & more:

  • How many homes do people look at before finally choosing the place they are going to live?
  • Do most people look in one neighborhood or many?
  • What features and amenitites do people expect to see in their new home? (and pay a premium for!)
  • How important are features like laundry and being pet friendly to a potential resident?
  • How important is proximity to public transit and parking?

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After months and months of searching with various real estate agents, I found my home with the help of Charlesgate Realty Group. Right when I walked through the doors, I felt like family in a way that Charlesgate Realty just knew what type of home that would best suit me. With all those other real estate agents, I had felt uneasy, not cared for and just another commission. Charlesgate Realty extended themselves to great distances with their friendly personalities, expertise, and knowledge. I was able to quickly find the perfect home. THANK YOU!!

 - Kay C.
Buyer Client, South End