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We’ve Moved – Blogging Operations

If you haven’t noticed, we haven’t been blogging on Boston Apartments. We know it’s odd, because we usually have a LOT to contribute. We’ve just moved blogging sites! Get all the information and posts at our new blogging site right here! We’ve been posting a lot of great new information on Boston Apartments that are […] Read more

Why You Should Contract A Realtor For Your Next Move

One of our agents, Ian Phipps, contributed to the blog this week. Find out what he has to say on why hiring a realtor for you next move could be the best thing for you during your Boston Apartment Search. Before answering this, we should first distinguish between a Realtor and a Real Estate Agent.  […] Read more

Off Campus Housing in Boston

It’s that time of the year again. That time of the year where you’re trying to make-up your mind on whether or not you should stay on campus or try your hand living off of campus. It’s always a tough decision, and when you finally do make that decision there comes the process and time […] Read more

So Your Place Is Being Shown? Steps To Prepare.

[This is a post by one of our agents Ian Phipps. Ian can be reached at] So your apartment is being shown?? There are a few things you should know.  While all real estate agents are licensed, some are better than others; none are perfect.  An agent ought to watch their customer/clients during the […] Read more

Boston’s New Parking Card

Have you heard? That there will now be a new parking card for Boston parking meters? Of course it’s starting out as a trial… HOWEVER, no more scrounging around for long lost coins under the car seats. “Mayor Thomas M. Menino will introduce a parking debit card today to give drivers another option at 7,200 […] Read more

What Does $10,000,000 Buy You in the Boston Area?

The market is rocking right now and there are some STUNNING properties all around Boston hitting the market each week. While $10 Million is certainly a hefty price for a property, we love to look at the beautiful finishes and unique details found in such property. Take a look at what this will buy you […] The post What Does $10,000,000 Buy You in the Boston Area? appeared first on Charlesgate...Read more

[Market Report] Highest # of Closed Sales Since 2004!

With the most recent market stats report just released, the market saw the highest number of closed sales for single family properties since 2004! According to MAR (The Massachusetts Association of Realtors), Single-family sales hit 4,002 with a median price of $350,000 for April 2016. In condo sales, 1,575 sales closed with a median price […] The post [Market Report] Highest # of Closed Sales...Read more

Your Own Culinary Masterpiece: Tips for Michelin-Star Cooking at Home

A well-executed meal can transform a standard evening into an unforgettable experience. Chefs are the artists of the culinary world–they utilize a wide array of raw products, specialized tools, and refined techniques for the creation of their great masterpieces. But restaurant-quality cooking can also be achieved at home. Here are some of the cooking nuances […] The post Your Own Culinary...Read more

4 Essential How-To’s For Home Buyers

Buying a home is a major decision and one that requires a great deal of thought and planning. This will probably be the largest purchase you ever make. There are many factors to consider when shopping for a home in Boston, from the neighborhood to the financing. Here are the top four issues you should […] The post 4 Essential How-To’s For Home Buyers appeared first on Charlesgate Realty. Read more

[Sneak Peek] Pierce Boston to Bring New Condos & Apartments to Fenway

The first renderings were JUST released of an exciting new project heading to Fenway in 2017. Named Pierce Boston, the tower will be home to 109 condos and over 200 apartments at 188 Brookline Avenue in Fenway. Prices have not been released yet but we will be the first to have them for you when they […] The post [Sneak Peek] Pierce Boston to Bring New Condos & Apartments to Fenway...Read more