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We’ve Moved – Blogging Operations

If you haven’t noticed, we haven’t been blogging on Boston Apartments. We know it’s odd, because we usually have a LOT to contribute. We’ve just moved blogging sites! Get all the information and posts at our new blogging site right here! We’ve been posting a lot of great new information on Boston Apartments that are...Read more

Why You Should Contract A Realtor For Your Next Move

One of our agents, Ian Phipps, contributed to the blog this week. Find out what he has to say on why hiring a realtor for you next move could be the best thing for you during your Boston Apartment Search. Before answering this, we should first distinguish between a Realtor and a Real Estate Agent. ...Read more

Off Campus Housing in Boston

It’s that time of the year again. That time of the year where you’re trying to make-up your mind on whether or not you should stay on campus or try your hand living off of campus. It’s always a tough decision, and when you finally do make that decision there comes the process and time...Read more

So Your Place Is Being Shown? Steps To Prepare.

[This is a post by one of our agents Ian Phipps. Ian can be reached at] So your apartment is being shown?? There are a few things you should know.  While all real estate agents are licensed, some are better than others; none are perfect.  An agent ought to watch their customer/clients during the...Read more

Boston’s New Parking Card

Have you heard? That there will now be a new parking card for Boston parking meters? Of course it’s starting out as a trial… HOWEVER, no more scrounging around for long lost coins under the car seats. “Mayor Thomas M. Menino will introduce a parking debit card today to give drivers another option at 7,200...Read more

Selling Your Home: Then and Now

Real estate marketing has changed (for the better we would say!) over time, with methods that used to be the “way things are done,” no longer dominating in the marketplace. As buyers become increasingly savvy and information becomes more readily available, the job of the real estate agent in marketing property has changed. At Charlesgate […] The post Selling Your Home: Then and Now appeared first...Read more

3 Lifetime Warranty Home Improvements

{This is a guest post.} Nothing lasts forever, except for a lifetime warranty. Well, it lasts a lifetime, at least, and when you’re a homeowner trying to get the most out of your home, lifetime coverage is exactly what you need. When you are ready to tackle home improvements, it can be difficult to know […] The post 3 Lifetime Warranty Home Improvements appeared first on Charlesgate...Read more

How Do You Choose the Right Color For Your Garage Door?

{This is a guest post.} A bold, formidable presence at the front of your home, your garage door is the first thing that any potential visitors or passers-by will notice about your residence. Garage doors are often the largest entryway to most homes, rendering them as the most noticeable part of the building. But despite […] The post How Do You Choose the Right Color For Your Garage Door? appeared...Read more

BostON The Horizon: Inside Zinc Apartments

Located @ 22 Water Street  in Cambridge   Boston has so much construction activity going on, it’s hard to keep count of how many cranes there are on the skyline. Fortunately, Boston is not the only place benefiting from new construction. Across the Charles River in Cambridge the North Point neighborhood has continued to grow with […] The post BostON The Horizon: Inside Zinc...Read more

How to Prep Your Small Space for a Big Dinner Party

If you’ve shied away from entertaining in your small space simply because of its square footage, or if you have some assumption that all parties have to be grandiose, stop thinking that way and host your first dinner party! Don’t let the size of your space dissuade your plans to host a big springtime event. […] The post How to Prep Your Small Space for a Big Dinner Party appeared first on...Read more