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Posted by Michael DiMella on Wed, Jun 03, 2009

I know the updates have been slow around here for the past few weeks so I apologize.  Between going down to D.C. for a week for the National Association of Realtors mid-year meetings in early May to several new projects we are really trying to get done, I've been swamped!  Not that you care about my excuses, of course, so I hope to get going full steam ahead again shortly.  In the meantime I have a couple "sneak peeks" of some of the things I've been working on!

New Boston apartments website

First off, we've built a brand new website for the leasing part of our business (screenshot below - click to visit the new site).  It incorporates a powerful Boston apartment search tool (with mapping), as well as lots of great advice for renters - plus it contains our new Boston apartments blog that all of our leasing staff will contribute their Boston rental news and advice to (plus an occasional post from me, of course)!  The site will be an informal resource for renters (and property owners) in Boston with a great user interface plus community features to really enable us to better communicate with customers and produce great informational content that will hopefully be a big help to people.  It's not quite done yet, but much of the framework is there so take a look - let me know what you think!

boston apartments screenshot



Nothing makes me prouder than hearing or reading the words of happy clients letting us know that they loved our service and that we did a great job for them.  That's what we're here to do of course!  You can see what our clients have said on our testimonial page or by reading our reviews on Yelp.  But I thought (always a dangerous thing!)....why not take it one step further and hear what some of them have to say on video.  A few of our clients were kind enough to volunteer to be guinea pigs and help spread the word about us through video.  To them I say THANK YOU!!

Here's a quick look at the first video in the series.  Our client in the video is Henry Corley who my business partner, PT Vineburgh, worked with both as a buyer and a seller over the past few years:


Other news

Most of the stuff above is probably more outwardly visible ("marketing" stuff, if you will), but since our first priority is (and will always be) GREAT service, we're also working on implementing two phenomenal new customer communication tools that will enable our staff to better communicate with and serve clients.  I can't wait until both of those are fully up and running!  I'd be remiss if I didn't mention a thank you to Tara Peterson, design wiz extraordinaire, who has been a huge help putting together the website and video and to Todd Mikelonis, operations director extraordinaire (he'll hate me for writing that), who has been instrumental in implementing the new communication tools!

Now since this is starting to sound like an awards speech (boring!), plus you may not even care about any of this stuff, I apologize for going a little overboard - but - I am too excited about some of these things to not mention them!  Forgive me this time, and I'll be back soon with more great Boston real estate market news, advice, and neighborhood info!


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