New Orange line stop in Assembly Square proposed (near IKEA)

Posted by Michael DiMella on Thu, Aug 21, 2008

State and federal officials announced plans to build a new $40 Million T stop in Assembly square, as reported in today's Boston Metro. It will be part of the new "urban village" at Assembly Square that will include residential, retail (including a new IKEA), restaurants, and office space.  Completion is expected in 2013 for the T station portion (or 2022 in Boston years).

One of Boston's major downfalls, in my opinion is the inadequate public transportation system.  Obviously having one of the oldest subway systems in the country creates limitations on what can be done.  But steps foward like this, like the Northpoint/Kenmore stop (if it ever gets back on track), and like the Green Line extension through Union Square and into Medford are all BIG steps in the right direction.

This entire Assembly Square project is long overdue.  Nimbyism, arcane local zoning codes, and difficult financing have led to many of these potentially great "smart growth" projects to get stalled unneccesarily.  Dense urban villages that also incorporate green space and green building design can create a vibrant live/work environment that almost always enhances the community around it.  It seems like more and more communities and residents along with state and local government are starting to see that and push forward with intelligently designed growth projects to provide affordable housing options now and in the future.  Hopefully this project will get in the ground quickly and succesfully prove that point.

Tags: new development, smart growth