Get to know Boston with 365 things to do!

Posted by Tara Peterson on Tue, May 04, 2010

 365 things to do in boston

Looking for something to do, but really have no clue what?  That's where the new Facebook page 365 Things to do in Boston comes in!  Since our events posts in the past have been so popular, we created this new event list as a community resource to help you find more great things to do in Boston and maybe uncover a few hidden gems!

If you love Boston, or if you want to learn to love Boston, check out our daily suggestions for great events and things to do in the city!

There will be a new event each day of the week, so visit the 365 Things To Do Blog often, or become a fan on Facebook to have them delivered right to your home page.  Many of the suggestions will be fun things you can do that day, but we'll also have some info about events in the future, especially if you may need tickets in advance.

With everything from charity events to brewery tours, from where to get the best cupcakes to where to go for the best stargazing, and everything in between, you'll be hard pressed to not find something great to do each day!  Most of the suggestions will be low cost or free, though the occasional splurge will find its way into the mix as well!

Check it out in three different places (hey, become a fan!!): 

Facebook Fan Page 

Twitter (@365ThingsBoston)

365 Things to Do in Boston Blog

Help us build this up as a community resource - suggestions and comments about upcoming events are ALWAYS welcome!!

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