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3 Wine Bars to go to in Boston

Posted by Susie Callahan on Fri, Sep 11, 2015

"Fun fact: Bay Staters consume more wine per person than the residents of almost any other state -- a whopping 23 bottles a year each! (Only Vermont and New Hampshire have us beat.) Given this obvious oenophilia, it makes sense that bars devoted to sipping, swilling, and slurping the great grape have been cropping up all over Boston. Here’s where the locals go to get some wining with their dining:

1. Sip | Downtown
While the place looks a bit like a gussied-up version of a corporate cafeteria (complete with televisions and angular lighting fixtures), the food is anything but institutional -- the chefs plate everything from fresh sushi to Kobe sliders to bronzed swordfish belly. Wines are served in 2, 6, and 10oz pours and, since Sip's located a stone's throw from the Theater District, it's an ideal place to grab a glass (or two!) before you see Kinky Boots.

2. Belly Wine Bar | Kendall Square

The folks behind popular Cambridge enoteca Central Bottle have created the sexiest wine bar in Boston, complete with mouthwatering meats, exposed brick, good music, and hot people. But Belly has more than just swagger; it boasts a staggering wine list organized by flavor profile and a staff of wine geeks who will happily lead you to a new favorite.

3. Piattini Wine Cafe | Back Bay
With dozens of wines by the glass and a huge selection of bottles, Piattini’s wine list offers something for everyone, from the dedicated wine enthusiast to the friend along for the ride who prefers the chewy tannins and earthy aroma of Charles Shaw. Each wine is accompanied by a card describing its origins, flavor notes, and other facts, making the tapas-style Italian eatery a particularly good place to take less-experienced drinkers who want to sample and learn without derailing your conversation about the Pats."

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