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ALERT! ALERT!- Free UBurgers Wednesday Feb 27th in Faneuil Hall

Posted by P.T. Vineburgh on Tue, Feb 26, 2013

365 Things to do in Boston, uburger, faneuil hall, free foodUburger, one of my personal favorites, is opening a new location in Faneuil Hall and is giving away free cheeseburgers, fries and a drink at its latest location tomorrow, Wednesday Feb 27th, from 4-7pm. So, come on down to 16 North Street tomorrow and get your fix.

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How's Your Burger???...Eat up and I'll Tell ya.....

Posted by P.T. Vineburgh on Thu, Dec 13, 2012

 365 thingd to do in boston, fenway/kenmore,burgers, uburger, tasty burger, audubon circle, boston burger comany, lower depthsAs a man who is occasionally referred to as "stocky", "portly" and "chubby" (for the record I prefer "seductively chunky"), I enjoy a good burger now and again. Good thing I live in Kenmore Sq., as our Fenway/Kenmore neighborhood is loaded with great burger places. This list is just the tip of the iceberg, and I am by no means proclaiming this a Top 5, but the following establishtments all serve some very solid burgers:

Uburger and Tasty Burger are both solid establishments for a quick take out burger that still has exceptional quality. Both are great and the debate over which is better constantly rages on.

Aububon Circle makes another excellent burger. It is a bit more of a nouveau higher end burger, but very tasty, and by no means "foo foo".....

Boston Burger Company is a relatively new player (there has been 1 in Davis Sq. for awhile) in the nieghbohood. The have some creative burgers, including the Mac Attack (4 cheese mac and cheese and bacon). That is just a teaser, and the burgers are bigger (and accordingly pricier) than Uburger  and Tasty Burger 

The Lower Depths is the last featured burger. It is very good, and they have about 1 zillion beers to choose from to wash it down. 

Overall, the moral of this blog is that if you live in Kenmore, or are in the neighborhood, you will have no trouble finding a great burger....and odds are you may find me there too...in my elastic waste band warm up pants.....

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