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WGBH's Brainiacs and Brews

Posted by 365 Things Boston on Thu, Jan 14, 2016

"Just how smart are you? Join WGBH for a brainpower battle at Bantam Cider’s taproom in Somerville — puzzles, brainteasers and delicious craft brews. It’s free to play, but registration is required.

How it works

Spend the evening with fellow brainiacs solving a variety of brainteasers, puzzles, and challenges in an open flow format. Each correctly solved challenge wins you points. The individuals or teams with the most points will compete in a head-to-head puzzle-solving showdown for the title of “Brainiac of the Brewery!” The winners will receive a WGBH prize pack including tickets to future events, and more.

Teams can be no more than 4 people.

In partnership with Bantam Cider"

Click here for more information.

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The Hateful Eight

Posted by 365 Things Boston on Sat, Jan 02, 2016

Hateful Eight"Go see The Hateful Eight in 70mm Ultra Panavision! Tickets for this special 70mm engagement will be $12 for matinees before 6pm and $15 for evening performances. Seniors 65+ will be $12 at all times. While racing toward the town of Red Rock in post-Civil War Wyoming, bounty hunter John "The Hangman" Ruth (Kurt Russell) and his fugitive prisoner (Jennifer Jason Leigh) encounter another bounty hunter (Samuel L. Jackson) and a man (Walton Goggins) who claims to be a sheriff. Hoping to find shelter from a blizzard, the group travels to a stagecoach stopover located on a mountain pass. After encountering four strangers, they may not make it to their destination. Each screening will feature an overture and intermission."

Click here to buy tickets. 


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Movie Mondays @ Brass Union

Posted by 365 Things Boston on Sun, Dec 20, 2015

"Brass Union will set the stage for “Movie Mondays,” a weekly entertainment series where guests can enjoy their cult-favorite flicks in Union Square. Show-goers will sit back and take in Brass Union’s featured classic on the 70-inch screen with full surround sound. For snacks, guests will dive into complimentary popcorn and the option of themed food and beverage specials that have been designed to capture the essence of the evening’s film. "

Brass Union will transform their back lounge into a home theater every Monday to showcase the following throughout 2015:

December 21: “National Lampoons Christmas Vacation”
December 28: “Trading Places"


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Charlesgate Realty Group Open Houses This Weekend

Posted by Susie Callahan on Fri, Nov 06, 2015

Check out one of our open houses this weekend! Click each picture to view more information. 

1. 9 Bartlett Crescent #1 | Brookline | Sunday 11/8 12-1:30pm

9 Bartlett Crescent #1

2. 93 Governor Winthrop Rd. | Somerville | Sunday 11/8 12-1:30



3. 255 Commonwealth Ave #2 |Back Bay | Sunday 11/8 12-1pm


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3 Pizza Places to go to this Weekend

Posted by Susie Callahan on Sat, Oct 17, 2015

1. A4 | Somerville and Cambridge

What you're getting: The Secret Pizza and the clam and bacon

"Since A4 made its K2 (Kendall Square) debut in 2011, it's been on countless top-pizzas lists both in Boston and across the country. Good PR team, sure. Better pizza makers, absolutely. Maybe it’s their pillowy, yet charred, crust made from a 12-year-old sourdough starter, or maybe it's their handcrafted cheeses that never seem greasy -- whatever it is, A4 has found a winning formula"

2. Emma’s Pizza | Kendall Square

What you're getting: The Kendall and The Middle East

"Thin, crispy, cracker crust -- that’s all we need to say about Emma’s Pizza. But we won't stop there. No, this iconic spot has been around since 1962, moving from Revere and West Cambridge before settling in Kendall Square. It's cozy, and there can be a wait, but it's worth it -- grab a glass of red wine, take a walk around the block, or just study the menu and decide if you're gonna mix-and-match The Kendall (roasted red peppers and caramelized onions) with the People's Republic (crispy smoked bacon and scallions)."

3. Ernesto’s Pizzeria | North End, Somerville

What you’re getting: Chicken ranch

"A perennial contender for best pizza in Boston's North End, this tiny hole-in-the-wall is tucked away on Salem St (although it's now also available at Assembly Row in Somerville) and plates ginormous slices -- like each slice is a quarter of an 18in pie. Locals rave about the authentic feel, chewy crust, and traditional toppings."


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Space Park! Pop-Up Solar System Playground

Posted by Susie Callahan on Sat, Oct 10, 2015

solar system pop up park"Today from 12-8pm, our Solar System is coming to Somerville! Bursting out over the entire span of Perry Park (355 Washington street) in massive interactive art-forms, all ages will be awed by a massive 30 foot sun, enjoy exploring the Earth and our sibling rocky planets, be able to walk inside of the gas giants Jupiter and Saturn, be dazzled by the ice giants Uranus and Neptune, and learn all about the dwarf planets that zing around the outer orbit.

Lose yourself in the amazing interactive exhibits inside of the International Space Station Maze or hop on a satellite-scooter and zip around the park to visit a giant meteorite! With dozens of creative and educational exhibits as well as the presence of great local organizations such as Knucklebones, Beautiful Stuff Project, Parts and Crafts, and the Somerville Public Library there will be more than enough fun-fueled learning and space for everyone! The event is free!

With support from the Neighborhood Children’s Foundation, the Somerville Art’s Council, and backers of the crowd-funding campaign, local artists have built these amazing structures, local students have helped with the programming, and now all we need is you to join in on the fun!

From 12-5pm teachers, high school students, and community members will educate you and your kids on the wild true facts about our solar system. If your kid is a space expert, we would be glad to have them join the crew for a day. Our event is an opportunity for learners and educators of all ages to share their knowledge and curiosity.

From 6-8 the event will be slightly adapted to entertain grown ups and young adults with music, socializing, and being wowed at the creations of these local artists.


- A gigantic sun over 20 feet wide!

- All the rocky planets in large colorful scale, complete with cool factoids about their unique and strange properties.

- Gas giants so giant you can walk inside them! Yes that's right, even your 6 foot friend will feel totally comfortable walking right into Jupiter and Saturn where they will learn all about their surreal environments.

- An asteroid belt of zooming kids on satellite scooters!

- A giant comet spewing it's clouds of gas.

- Pluto and the Kuiper Belt objects will be premiered at the edge of the park- achhemm I mean solar system!

- A gigantic interactive labyrinth of the International Space Station! Don't worry, your kids won't get lost in the maze, but they may get lost in the world of cool facts and interactive stations!

- The Somerville Library is going to provide an awesome reading area for everyone to fill up on awesome space facts!"

Click here for more information.


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Beatles Brunch

Posted by Susie Callahan on Sat, Aug 22, 2015

Head to the Burren in Somerville for this free event! 

Beatles Brunch happens EVERY SUNDAY Noon til 3pm. There will be a live band covering all your Beatles favorites! A wide variety of brunch favorites plus lots of vegetarian options! 

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Micro Mondays

Posted by Susie Callahan on Sun, Jul 05, 2015


Have a bad case of the Mondays? Head to La Brasa in Somerville for Micro Mondays July 6-27th:

"You can now look forward to Mondays with La Brasa’s microbrew feasts. This month, Rising Tide, Bantam, Aeronaut, and Cisco join the house team for unique three-course menus with pairings (available during regular dinner hours), and it’s only $40 per person. Pick your favorite, or all of them, and call 617.262.3023 for your seat at the table."



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3 Rainy Day Activities

Posted by Susie Callahan on Wed, Jul 01, 2015

Don't let the rain keep you from enjoying your summer. There are plenty of ways to have rainy day fun in Boston. Here are three ideas, thanks to Boston.com:

1. Legoland Discovery Center | Somerville

"Catch a 4D movie at Legoland Discovery Center Boston in Somerville. After that, play on two rides, tour a miniland of Boston’s iconic buildings, and, of course, build things with Legos."

2. Museum of Science | West End

"Mingle with beautiful butterflies at the Museum of Science Butterfly Garden. One just might land on you."

3. Coolidge Corner Theatre | Brookline

"Catch a movie here. This historic theatre has been entertaining New Englanders since 1933"




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Savage Games

Posted by Susie Callahan on Sat, Jun 06, 2015

Check out Savage Games today:
"Who says going beast-mode can't also be ridiculously fun?

Experience a two-hour beatdown inspired by Ninja Warrior, Parkour, Obstacle Racing, and the Brooklyn Boulders Fitness crew. Savage Games at Brooklyn Boulders Somerville is a team-based fitness competition unlike any other.

Oh, and did we mention that there's an after party? There's an after party."
Click the picture above for more details!

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