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2 Awesome Mini Golf Courses in Boston

Posted by Susie Callahan on Sat, May 16, 2015

Who doesn't like mini golf? Check out one of these mini golf courses, thanks to Boston Magazine, and "get your putt into gear":

1. Golf on the Village Green

"This is mini golf as our founding fathers ­intended it: patriotic and kitschy, with a tinny fife-and-drum soundtrack. Themed holes like “Faneuil Hall” and “Old North Church” don’t just challenge you athletically, they force you to grapple with the same tough choices Revolutionary generals faced (attack from the left? the right? gently up the center?). The militia of replica minutemen standing sentry only adds to the nationalistic splendor. Of course, this Natick institution isn’t perfect; it’s like America, with all its warts. And I’m pretty sure that’s exactly how Revere, Adams, and Washington—by legend, ace mini golfers themselves—would want it."

2. Route 1 Miniature Golf and Batting Cages

"New England Journal of Aesthetic Research founder Greg Cook has been critical of the state of public art in Boston. But he is unequivocal about the giant orange dinosaur that menaces the sixth hole at this Saugus landmark (pictured). Looming over a bend in Route 1, the T. rex is a standout on a strip that boasts some of America’s gauchest roadside architecture. And it’s also art—even if not often acknowledged as such. “Boring art-world snobs somehow can’t see giant sculptures if they aren’t ‘officially’ done by MFA-degreed insiders,” Cook says. True dat. Of all the beasts, the green ­diplodocus on four might be the toughest putt. Still, nothing compares to staring down the big orange guy."


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