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Penguinology at the Aquarium

Posted by Susie Callahan on Mon, Apr 06, 2015

Learn all that you need to know to become a "penguinologist" at the New England Aquarium's Penguinology exhibit. See below!

"Come visit the Aquarium to see penguins up close, peek into their burrows and find out what’s behind their underwater super speed. Learn all the tricks they have up their feathers when you pick up our Penguinology adventure guide! During your visit you will also have the chance to learn about these amazing birds, and how we can work together to help them survive in a changing world."

In addition to the penguins,you can view thousands of other amazing sea creatures - everything from seahorses to sea lions to the giant Pacific octopus! A trip to the aquarium is sure to be a fun and educational adventure for all!

For more information on the penguin exhibit, click here


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