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3 Best Ice Cream Treats in Boston

Posted by Susie Callahan on Sat, May 23, 2015


Did you know Massachusetts is one of the top ice-cream consuming states in the US? Some of the most mouth watering ice cream treats can be found right here in Boston. Check out these 3, provided by Thrillist:

1. Frappes | Mr. Bartleys | Harvard Square

"When you think of Bartley’s, two things come to mind: burgers and frappes. Thick, creamy frappes (remember... they are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from milkshakes). Naturally, they have the basics covered, but the Harvard Square institution also likes to explore a little with concoctions like the Cherry Bomb (vanilla with chocolate chip cookies, cherries, whipped cream), The Elvis Frappe (chocolate with Reese’s Cup and banana "all shook up"), and the Strawberry Shortcake Frappe (vanilla with strawberries, shortbread, and whipped cream). Combine one with a burger and you will not move for four weeks."

2. Chipwich | JP Licks | Multiple Locations

"Folks have a lot of love for J.P. Licks, and for many good reasons. Like their rotating monthly flavors (Fresh Peach, Cake Batter, Rocky-er Road). And their brownie sundae. But the pro move here is the Chipwich. So pure. So good. They bake their own cookies in house and then stuff them with some of the aforementioned ice cream (chocolate chip/vanilla is the standard combo). Oh, and they're even better rolled in jimmies. They're sold individually or in four-packs. So... four-packs."

3. Baked Alaska | Oleana | Inman Square

"Chef/owner Ana Sortun and her crew make some serious magic happen at their Mediterranean hideaway on Hampshire St. Pastry Chef Maura Kilpatrick takes it all to the next level with the legendary tower-like Baked Alaska. A chewy coconut graham cracker crust provides the foundation for coconut ice cream crowned with a sculpted and torched meringue and passion fruit caramel sauce."


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