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Historic House Tour

Posted by Susie Callahan on Sun, Jun 14, 2015

"The historic tour of Willowdale Estate covers historic background, context and conversation about the Arts & Crafts style mansion. Learn the details and hear the fascinating stories of our wonderful and unique estate as lead by a member of our educated staff. Join us for delicious refreshments and conversation after the tour.

Willowdale Estate is over one hundred years old and although most of our public rooms are accessible to guests with limited mobility there is a small portion of the tour that features upstairs guest rooms of the estate which could make access difficult in the upper rooms of the home.  Comfortable seating and accommodation will be provided for those who do not wish to or cannot travel to the upper rooms. "

Book your tour by clicking here.


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36th Annual Ship Model Show

Posted by Susie Callahan on Tue, Mar 10, 2015


Presented by The USS Constitution Model Shipwright Guild and the USS Constitution Museum, this year's Ship Model Show showcases ships and boats used for whaling. Get the chance to view exquisite ship models - and even some whales - will be on display in addition to maritime paintings by members of the American Society of Marine Artists.

With over 50 handcrafted models of all sizes, types, and materials, you can explore the intricate art of model making as practiced today. Explore the show through their scavenger hunt or join in the fun of a hands-on activity - either way, a visit to the Museum and the show is a great way for your family to spend the day!


This event is being held daily until March 21, from 10am-5pm
To learn more, click here.

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Boston Scavenger Hunt

Posted by Susie Callahan on Fri, Feb 27, 2015

Experience Boston in a different way with this Urban Adventure Quest. "Combine the excitement of the Amazing Race with a three-hour city tour." You'll start out at Boston Common, one of the oldest parks in the nation and from there, make your way through the city stopping at key historical points along the Freedom Trail. Attractions you'll see include the Granary Burial Ground, Quincy Market, Paul Revere's House, and the North End. 

"Guided from any smart phone, teams make their way among well-known and overlooked gems of the city, solving clues and completing challenges while learning local history. Start when you want and play at your own pace. " 

There are tons of start dates to choose from. See them all here!

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Spend A Day In Salem!

Posted by Hillary Waldron on Fri, Oct 04, 2013

Now is the best time of year to visit Salem, Massachusettes. Salem is greatly known for theSalem Salem Witch trials of 1692, in which numerous townspeople were on trial and hung for suspected witchcraft. Because of this eerie and historic event, Salem is particularly popular during the Halloween season.

Here are a few reasons to check out Salem during the month of October:

Shops: There are a lot of small shops in the city center, most of which are themed for the spirit of Salem. It is especially fun to check out these small shops during this time of year but be mindful of store hours. Shops like Enchanted, Hex: Old World Witchery and the Scarlet Letter Press & Gallery are just a few to check out. 

Bars & Restaurants: Like Boston, there are some bars and restaurants in Salem that go all out for Halloween with decorations, costume contests and festive music! Not only is this a fun destination to go to but might serve as a nice break in between walking. In addition to the bars and restaurants, there will be a food court from October 12th to the 31st for those who want to grab something and go! 

Tours: There are multiple ghost and historical tours going on now in Salem! Some of them are 21+ but most are great for all ages! 

Events: From celebrity appearances to trick or treating to arts and crafts, this place has all the makings of an awesome night! Celebrity appearances include Heather Langenkamp from Nightmare on Elm's Street and Tony Moran, better known as Michael Myers from Halloween. Most events will be going on throughout the month. For a full list of events and dates, click here

For further information on Salem's culture and events, please check out Salem.com and HauntedHappenings.org

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Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit at the Museum of Science

Posted by Hillary Waldron on Thu, Aug 22, 2013

deadseaThere is a new exciting exhibit at the Museum of Science! Until October 31st, guests can view scrolls found in hidden caves of the Dead Sea. These Dead Sea scrolls include "literary writings of the times and the oldest known texts of the Bible, making their discovery perhaps the most significant archaeological find of the last century.

Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see fragments of the priceless scrolls (some never displayed in North America), along with one of the most comprehensive collection of antiquities from Israel ever organized. Highlights include a three-ton stone from Jerusalem’s Western Wall, limestone capitals from the first temple period (1000 – 586 BCE), ossuaries from the early Roman period, and an ancient signature preserved for millennia on the Archer Seal. Together these artifacts reveal precious details about the culture, rituals, and beliefs of an influential Iron Age people."

Please check the Museum of Science website for further details. 

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We've got spirits, ghosts, and ghouls...right in Harvard Sq.

Posted by Katie Beth Clark on Sun, Sep 16, 2012


365 things to do in Boston halloweenWith Halloween right around the corner -or close enough people, quit giving me beef- it's time to re-embrace your Halloween spirit and make a night of spookiness!! 

"Travel back through history to witness the early days of Harvard Yard, learn about the city's ghastly tales of murder and uncover the truth behind some of Harvard Square's more infamous ghosts."

Who knew Harvard Square had ghosts? NOT ME! I may have to take a shot or two before this trip... or I might pass the stop on the train by accident. Yes, I am not one for ghosts but hey, I am definitely one for history so maybe I will see y'all on the tour. Or hiding under a blanket. I guess time will tell my friends, time will tell. 

Order Tickets Here




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See a real mummy at The Ether Dome!

Posted by Katie Beth Clark on Fri, Sep 07, 2012

Not many people expect to go to a hospital and encounter a 2,500-year-old mummy, but if you visit Massachusetts General Hospital, you will experience just that. Padihershef has been a resident of the Ether Dome since 1823 after he was given as a present by Dutch merchant Jacob Van Lennep.

"Between 1821 and 1868, more than 8,000 operations were performed in the Ether Dome. Today it is a teaching amphitheater and historical landmark. Visitors can explore the unique architecture and a small collection of artifacts, including an oil painting of the famous first surgery, an Egyptian mummy and early surgical tools."

365 things to do in boston ether dome

So grab your peeps and head on over to this wicked crazy historical landmark. Make sure to wear your mummy gear! I'd hate for you to get mummified. BOO!!!!


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#508 Boston Center for Adult Education

Posted by Tara Peterson on Tue, Sep 20, 2011

BCAEWant to meet some new people? Brush up on some photography skills? Learn how to cook? Have you checked out Boston Center for Adult Education?!

The Boston Center for Adult Education is the oldest nonprofit adult education center in New England. Founded in 1933, it quickly established itself as a cultural stomping ground where individuals could learn, discuss, create, and enjoy themselves.

Classes are ever going. And there are some interesting classes, let me tell you! Check the class schedules out here. Something think about with winter looming in the distance.

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#494 Prints and the Pursuit of Knowledge in Early Modern Europe

Posted by Tara Peterson on Tue, Sep 06, 2011

prints Prints and the Pursuit of Knowledge in Early Modern Europe, which will feature a panel discussion, at 6pm in the Sackler Museum lecture hall, that introduces the main themes of the exhibition, followed by a reception in the Sackler Museum lobby.

Prints and the Pursuit of Knowledge examines how celebrated Northern Renaissance artists contributed to the scientific investigations of the 16th century. The exhibition and its accompanying catalogue challenge the perception of artists as illustrators in the service of scientists. Artists’ printed images served as both instruments for research and agents in the dissemination of knowledge. The exhibition, displaying prints, books, maps, and such instruments as sundials, globes, astrolabes, and armillary spheres, looks at relationships between their producers and their production, as well as among the objects themselves. The story of 16th-century technology is enhanced by technology of the 21st, with interactive computers in the galleries, an interactive module on the website, and an iPhone/iPad application in iTunes (check back here soon for an update on availability).

Limited complimentary parking at Broadway Garage, 7 Felton Street.

Where: 485 Broadway , Cambridge, MA | 5pm–8pm
What: Fun Historical Information about Print and what and how it formed the world and it's on-going until December 10th.
Price: Free

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#426 Duck Tours

Posted by Tara Peterson on Tue, Jun 28, 2011

ducktoursI don't know why we haven't posted this yet, but yeah...duck tours! I know it seems like a really touristy thing to do, but they are actually quite a lot of fun. And the drivers have a great sense of humor. If you want to learn some quick fun facts about Boston, I highly recommend the Boston Duck Tours!!

Where:The Museum of Science
Physical Address - 1 Science Park & The Prudential Center in Boston's Back Bay
Physical Address - 53 Huntington Ave

When: Tours begin at 9:00am throughout the week.
Price: Between $10 and $32, depending on your age.

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