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Take the Eagle Deli Challenge

Posted by Katie Beth Clark on Mon, Jul 16, 2012

You know when a restaurant has appeared on Travel Channel's "Man vs Food", there's got to be a massive quantity of food on somebody's table.

Head down and see for yourself.  Take the Eagle's Challenge by the wings and indulge yourself into one of Boston's tastiest and largest Burgers. The Eagle's Deli and Restaurant in Cleveland Circle is a family-owned restaurant that has impressed many locals and tourists who've tried to best the Eagle Challenge.365 things to do in boston eagle's challenge

So grab your dad, brother, significant other, or really whoever normally steals food off your plate and make them take the Eagle's Challenge! This world recognized, famous feat of strength should truly only be attempted by garbage disposals, but we can make that your nickname when and IF you can down the Eagle's Challenge meal in one hour. 

So what does it take for you to get this meal for free? You have one hour to eat five pounds of fries AND a five pound, famous Eagle's burger. A little bit nervous? No worries - you get free refills on the soda... i'm trying to be positive, okay?

FYI - I will see you guys at the gym next week in my new exercise outfit. (you know, the one I bought with the money I saved on my meal... duhhhhh.)


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