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Find Your Prince Charming Gawking at Back Bay Mansions

Posted by Katie Beth Clark on Fri, Aug 31, 2012

365 things to do in Boston back bay mansionsIf you like nothing better than to imagine how the other half lives, you'll suffer no shortage of old homes to sigh over in Boston's Back Bay. Most, unfortunately, are off-limits to visitors, but there's no law against gawking from the outside. Stroll Commonwealth, Beacon, and Marlborough streets for the best views. To get inside, you'll have to keep an eye out here on 365 Things to Do in Boston, as we post upcoming lectures, films, and other events in these respected institutions in the future!

And in the meantime, for all you single ladies, you better wear your sexiest "oh i'm just on my daily stroll" outfit - you never know if Mr. Right will be in his front yard. If so, make sure to trip. Your prince charming will come running for you. If not, then you just made a fool of yourself. Pat yourself on the back. 



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Don't be a real estate dummy, attend a first time buyer class

Posted by Katie Beth Clark on Tue, Jul 10, 2012

365 things to do in Boston Charlesgate realty

So who would have thought that after posting countless events in Boston, that I would invite you guys to mine :) Yeah that's right- you FINALLY get to meet me in person. Don't fall out of your chair with excitement or anything, I know it's a lot to take it at once.  :) 

So here is my spiel - and if you even remotely look anything like the guy to the left then I better see you there this upcoming Monday at 6pm!

Presented by acclaimed experts in the Boston Real Estate Market from Charlesgate Realty Group, as well as local mortgage market experts, our Boston Home Buyer Class is your opportunity to learn the home buying the right way - before you enter a transaction!  Get educated in a casual, fun setting and avoid the pitfalls that can cause financial and emotional problems during the buying process.



Attend our FREE Boston homebuying class to learn:

• Renting vs. Buying: Whether it even makes sense for you to buy right now
• Homebuying process and timeline: How long it actually takes to buy
• Working with a buyer agent: How it works and whether or not you really need one

• What mortgages are still available and how much cash you need to buy.
• Using neighborhood level data (like discount ratios and real time trend graphs) to value properties
• Negotiating 101: How to craft your offer to drive a hard bargain!
• Top 10 online resources to aid your home search

Is this class for you?  Well, if you’re looking for a fun, low key, and informal way to learn the Boston real estate market from the experts, then YES!  You’ll have a chance to ask any questions you want and get the straight scoop from us. Plus we’ll have pizza and beer!  How can you pass that up! 

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