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Roses are Red, Boston Is Blue Man!

Posted by Katie Beth Clark on Fri, Jun 15, 2012

Another classic Boston experience.

If you are feeling blue, these blue men are sure to lighten up your day. The Blue Man Group Show is a must see, and if it isn't on your Boston bucket list, add it quick!

So now your probably wondering why i'm trying to talk you into going to see three men who are painted blue. Just trust me, i've seen the show and it is incredible. The Blue Man Group stars a trio of performers called Blue Men, who all wear blue makeup and bald caps. They are so entertaining that they were even showcased on The Tonight Show.  It's simply an outrageous audio visual spectacle, not to be missed.

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Put it in your calandar to head on down to the Charles Playhouse and watch one of the most interesting theatrical shows of your life. These Blue Men are sure to turn frowns upside down. I even got a kiss on the cheek! (and you thought lipstick was hard to get off your face!)






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