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Watch The Red Sox Home Opener

Posted by Hillary Waldron on Wed, Apr 02, 2014

Red SoxThe Red Sox Home Opener is on Friday and there are a ton of bars that are ideal for having a beer and watching the game. Here are a few suggestions of sports bars in the area that are great to visit if you can't make it to the game. 

West End, The Fours
The Fours is usually a great place to go before a Bruins game and grab a beer but because of their numerous tvs and menu, is also a great place to go and watch the Red Sox, especially if you live in the area and don't feel like traveling to Fenway. The Fours has twenty two beers to choose from and great burgers, salads and wings." Chosen as the number one sports bar in America by Sports Illustrated back in 2005, The Fours has been a fan favorite since opening in 1976."

Downtown, Beantown Pub
Beantown Pub, located across from the famous Granary Burial Ground, is a staple in the Downtown area. Although there are not a ton of tvs, the long bar gives guests front row seats no matter where they are in the pub. Plus, a decent drink list and menu allows fans to watch the game and have a meal without breaking the bank.

Back Bay, Whiskey's & Champions
Whiskey's in Back Bay is your typical sports bar. Tons of TVs, nachos and beers. The crowd gets a little rowdy so if it's too much, check out Champions. Champions is located in The Copley Mall and has a wall of televisions. Because of it's location in the mall and off the beaten path, this bar normally does not get as loud and crowded as Whiskey's, or any of the other bars located on Boylston Street. 

South End, JJ Foley's
The South End does not have a ton of sports bars in the neighborhood but your best bet is JJ Foley's. This cozy bar has a relaxed atmosphere, a ton of history and a decent menu.   

Fenway, Game On 
"With 90 large flatscreens and great surround sound turned up for a Red Sox game, Game On! is definitely a great pre-game, during, or post-game Red Sox bar. Given the location right behind (actually connected to) Fenway Park, the food and beer prices are a little higher than a typical bar, but the atmosphere is great!" If you want to go into Fenway for a drink, it is highly suggested visitors make reservations or get to the area early. 

Watch the Sox play the Brewers @ 2:05 for the Home Opener on Friday, April 3rd!

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