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"Talking About a Resolution...yeah, yeah, oh yeah".

Posted by P.T. Vineburgh on Fri, Dec 28, 2012

Well today marks Day 1 looking at some places in Boston to follow through on some common New Year's Resolutions...Let's start with the most common of 'em all: joining the gym....Ah, this one I make every year, only to progressively approach full Pillsbury Dough Boy status every year since the Millenium.....Here are some of Boston's best options:


Sports Club LA- Swanky and not cheap, but widely considered the best of the best.

Equinox- A great option with 2 downtown locations.

Boston Sports Clubs- Perhaps the most widely used by our city, with locations all over.

Boston Athletic Club- No frills and low cost. A solid option.

Healthworks- For women only. No worries about creeps like me trying to impress you by benching the bar....

FitCorp- A solid option with many corporate relationships and good classes. 

Gold's Gym- The "Mecca" "where it all began"...'nuff said...PUNK!

Check out websites like Groupon, giltcity, and living social for some New Year's deals.....

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