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New to Boston? You'll love me after you read this...

Posted by Katie Beth Clark on Thu, Jul 05, 2012

If you are new to Boston you now have no reason to complain about having trouble meeting people! Throw out your complaint jar and get ready to make new friends! 

365 things to do in boston new to boston meetup groupThe New to Boston Meetup Group is a great way for Boston newcomers to network, make friends, and enjoy everything Boston has to offer. Worried about ending up with a bunch of crazy college kids, or unknowingly signing up for Bingo with people who probably could be older than your parents? Well doubt no longer, because if that was the case I wouldn't torture you with this blog. 

These meetup groups are categorized, and you can pick your age group and interests (although I know all of you business professionals want to hit up happy hour night with keg stands). After signing up, you will have new events to choose from weekly!!

So fear no longer! The city is yours and now you don't have to embrace it riding solo - not that you have any problems making friends? (I won't tell.)



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