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Where to Watch The Patriots Shoot for the Super Bowl....

Posted by P.T. Vineburgh on Sun, Jan 20, 2013

365 things to do in boston, partiots, sports bars, the stadium, champions, game on, the greatest barWell, this may be a post of uber convenience today, but so be it. Boston is a sports town. One of the nation's best, that has since the Millenium, has dominated the national scene. 7 titles among its 4 major pro sports teams, 5 college hockey national championships and Olympic stars, just to scratch the surface. The New England Patriots have become the bar of all professional sports franchises. Today they look to make it to their 6th Super bowl in 12 years, against The Baltimore Ravens, the team who has become their biggest rival of late. Boston will be buzzing, and here a few great spots to go out with friends and take in the sports crazy element of our fair city:


Back Bay- Champions

Southie- The Stadium

The Seaport- Jerry Remy's

Fenway- Game On

Bullfinch Traingle- The Greatest Bar


All great options , so get on your gear, and cheer on the Pats as they try to make it to New Orleans for The Super Bowl in 2 weeks....

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Go Sea the Port......

Posted by P.T. Vineburgh on Wed, Dec 19, 2012

365 things to do in boston,boston world trade center,boston convention center,legal harborside,legal test kitchen,del frisco's,empire boston,morton's seaport,jerry remy'sThe development of Boston's new frontier is in full swing, and any city dweller needs to go see what is happening there. I say this not just for current enjoyment, but also for when you start getting old (like me) and in 10 years when you go back, you can bore your children with stories of a land transformed. With 1,500 housing units on the immediate horizon and countless other projects in the planning phases, this is Boston's hottest neighborhood. There are already plenty of great dining and nightlife attractions in this emerging area, not to mention great events at both the World Trade Center and the Boston Convention Center . Some of the best spots to grab a bite or a cocktail are:

Legal Harborside- great food and amazing outdoor space

LTK- Legal's Test Kitchen is a great casual, but delicious place to eat.

Del Frisco's- This high end steakhouse is the real deal

Morton's- An old stand by that never disappoints.

Empire- Cutting edge Asian cuisine with a hip and trendy scene brough to us by Big Night Entertainment. 

Jerry Remy's Seaport- Great sports bar with solid pub grub. 

Those suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg (it is gonna get cold down there in the coming months) so bundle up and head on down and see what the buzz is all about.....

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