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Posted by Katie Beth Clark on Tue, Nov 06, 2012

365 things to do in boston equinox fitnessWith winter approaching, it means that bathing suit weather is getting that much closer. I am one of those people that goes to the gym, finds the closest elliptical, and get my groove on to Jock Jams. Although my work out is considerably consistent, my diet and results are not. I found a place with two locations in Boston that know what it means to see results. (and how to get them)

Equinox Fitness Centers is offering a new class called Core Values. It is an intense sixty minute class that empowers a 24/7 Lifestyle. I highly recommend checking it out.

“Core Values was inspired by the buzzwords we hear a lot during election season: hope, change, transparency and moving forward,” said Lashaun Dale, senior national group fitness manager and co-creator of Core Values. “Our platform message is clear: if you eat poorly and are sedentary outside the gym, any momentum you gain in class will be lost before you return. Core Values helps you break the cycle of muscle pain, dysfunction and decreased mobility with an overall lifestyle shift into health, stability and strength.”

See ya there!

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