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Culture Tap by New American Public Art

Posted by Hillary Waldron on Sun, Sep 08, 2013

Check out a new an interesting form of art with your Charlie Card. culture tap

"Culture Tap is a pair of interactive kiosks that celebrate the South End’s culture and history, activated by a Charlie Card (no charge required). Created by Dan Sternof Beyer and Bevan Weissman, members of the artist collective New American Public Art, the kiosks integrate audio clips of oral tradition, data collection and environmental lighting for a holistic approach to placemaking, quantitative metrics and local Boston pride. Since each Charlie Card has a unique RFID number (radio-frequency identification), different cards play different stories and activate different lighting combinations at each kiosk. "

The kiosks will be displayed at the Boston Center for the Arts in the South End until October 18th. 

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