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Puck the Pros!!! Give it the old college try....

Posted by P.T. Vineburgh on Mon, Dec 10, 2012

365 things to do in boston, college hockey, BC, BU

As we approach the depths of winter, as the NHL slips deeper into its frozen labor dispute, and as the sports options start to dwindle down, I highly suggest going to see a college hockey game in our fair city. Boston is rich in tradition and history as far as hockey goes, and this is perhaps no more visible than at some of our Universities. Boston College, Boston University, Harvard and Northeastern are all within the city limits, and offer some exciting and competitive Divi sion 1 College hockey (both men's and women's). BC and BU have won 4 of the past 5 Men's National Titles (3 for my alma mater BC of course!!!). The 2 powerhouse schools had 32 former players suit up in NHL last year. 

Factor in UMASS-Amherst, UMASS-Lowell, Merrimack, UNH, UVM, and Maine, and the Northeast is to College Hockey what the SEC is to College Football. Not to mention, college hockey is a great value, as most tickets are around $10....Some upcoming games are:


Dec 10th:

UMASS Lowell at Harvard at 7pm

Dec 29th: 

Northeastern at Harvard at 7pm 

Jan 4th:

Yale at BC at Conte Foum at 7pm

RPI at BU at Aggannis Arena at 7pm


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