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Salute yourself at The 7th Annual Freedom (Pub) Crawl

Posted by Katie Beth Clark on Sat, Jul 14, 2012

365 things to do in boston freedom pub crawl

Now this is definitely the ultimate Boston pub crawl! James and Josh (honestly, these are just two random people who I found on the internet) began this ultimate drinking frenzy pub crawl seven years ago, for really no reason at all. The original name of the pub crawl was The Freedom Trail Pub Crawl since it loosely followed the Freedom Trail in Boston, MA. There are tons of bars along the route, many of which are world-renowned for their history and total awesomeness. 

For all you early birds who actually show up on time, it's starts at The Place in Boston so call in advance for directions! OR, you could do what I do and ask the taxi driver, but who knows where you will end up then? You know what, just mapquest it!  

So why not? Enjoy drinks at over 12 bars in the government center area with 100 of your closest Bostonian friends through the historic Faneuil Hall area. The organizers have negotiated specials at most bars and free food is provided at specialty bars. Play games, win ridiculous prizes like Sox tickets, and make new friends over a few pints. It's the 7th Annual Crawl they are doing so you know they must be doing something right (or maybe they just drink so much they can't remember so they keep repeating the same thing every year?) Either way, I know i'm going so I better see you there Saturday, July 21, from 12:30pm to 9:00pm. Sweet t-shirt, too.


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