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Step back in time with an antique limo tour of Boston

Posted by Katie Beth Clark on Mon, Jun 25, 2012

Graduation, Mardi Gras, prom, weddings - or hey, maybe even your parent's or grandparent's 50th Anniversary - all things that may have potentially landed you in a limousine. Although luxury limo cruising during those nights and days were memorable events, twenty-first century limos may just need to take a step back (or maybe a roll back?) and make room for their ancestors. 

365 things to do in Boston limo

This Boston Antique Limousine Tour is an event to experience. See Boston up close and personal while the fully dressed-for-the-part drivers narrate Boston's history as they drive down Boston's narrow side streets. You will get your own personal, historic view of Boston's freedom trail and everything in between.    

(Just don't mess with these guys or you may end up in the trunk)


Here are all of the cool tours!  Click here for more details!

Boston's Freedom Tour -  1 1/2 hours.  This tour gets right in front of all 16 historic sites on Boston's Freedom Trail and everything in between.

Boston PlusTour - 2 1/2 hours. Includes Boston's Freedom Tour - PLUS an extra hour which goes outside of Boston to Harvard University, Boston's Fenway Baseball Park, the Boston Marathon Finish Line, and other sites in between.

Customized Tours - Our customized tours can take you to any part of Massachusetts including Lexington/Concord, Cape Cod, and Salem - or any other points of interest in New England that you personally may have. 

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