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#157 ICA Free Thursday's

Posted by Tara Peterson on Thu, Sep 30, 2010

Mens Suits ICA hmpgSo WAAAAAY Back when, like #4 of this wonderful thing we called 365 Events to do in Boston, we posted that the ICA does free nights on Thursday. We thought we would refresh your memory, as there doesn't seem to be much else going on, and there are some wicked cool gallery's at the ICA right now. Plus with this tropical storm coming in, it would be kind of cool to see it from those awesome windows at the ICA.

So yeah....tonight the ICA is free from 5pm-9pm. (Here's the address in case you don't know where it is: 100 Northern Avenue Boston, M)

Some of the galleries there right now are:
Sandra and Gerald Fineberg Art Wall: Francesca DiMattio
"The New York-based painter combines imagery from a wide range of architectural, decorative, and art historical sources. She laces together underlying patterns to construct these complicated compositions, lending a sense of logic to her seemingly chaotic assemblages."

CHARLES LEDRAY: workworkworkworkwork
"For over 20 years, New York-based artist Charles LeDray has created handmade sculptures in stitched fabric, carved bone, and wheel-thrown clay."

2010 James and Audrey Foster Prize
"Nine Boston-area artists have been selected for the ICA's biennial award and exhibition program"

and obviously the current collection....hey you can go to the Barking Crab afterwards for some cocktails. :)

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