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#115 Jaws 35th Anniversary Screening at the Somerville Theatre

Posted by Tara Peterson on Wed, Aug 18, 2010

jaws posterFor some reason, the Jaws movie poster still strikes fear in my heart...I mean look at it!!! I couldn't even swim in the deep end of the swimming pool at school, for fear that a shark would come flying out of the drains at the bottom....stupid shark!

With that said...head over to the Somerville Theater and catch the 35th Anniversary Screening of....dunah....dunah...dunah...(that's my attempt at the music) Jaws! They will be airing it the 19th and the 20th of August. There is rumor that a large crowd will gather, so we suggest getting their early to get tickets, and they are handing out some free beer. FREE BEER!!

55 Davis Square, Somerville | 8 pm | $8 | 617.625.5700

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